Our School
​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". 
Nelson Mandela
The School Journey

The Greenery Nursery School is founded on the strong belief that children learn and develop best in an environment that provides an atmosphere of safety, care and enthusiasm. Our mission statement:



From the first day at the Greenery all children are valued and cared for with expertise and kindness. Children learn what they experience and see. We take very seriously the fact that your little ones are trusted to our care and we do the utmost to ensure that their pre-school years are happy, enriching, exciting and fun. This gives them a firm and solid foundation on which to build their future education.

Now I Am Two

By the time your child has reached the age of two or three they have already learned a vast array of skills and experienced situations and events that have made an impact on their little lives. Once at nursery school they have to adapt to a whole new set of experiences, and find ways to communicate and interact with other children and adults. This is by no means an easy task . However, at the Greenery we are very proud of our settling-in record and are always alert to the needs of all the children, especially newcomers who may need extra time, or some 'one to one' assistance. It is soon clear that the nursery is a place where children feel comfortable and secure and they are off and ready to face the fun and exciting challenges of the school routine. Through careful observation and individual consideration the children are encouraged to become more independent, confident and able to make choices and decisions about their activities. In this way, with expert guidance and sustained interaction learning and development follow.

Now I Am Five

Nursery school is a wonderful experience. It is designed to be so, and provide a rich and entertaining introduction to education. During their time at nursery the children will take part in a multitude of play based learning situations, be challenged to take next steps and consolidate their knowledge. Links with home are actively encouraged and valued for their unique view of the child. Each term there are opportunities for the children to 'perform' (share songs, poems and acting/dancing), an excellent vehicle for confidence building and sharing the school with our families. In the Autumn term there is Harvest Festival and the Nativity Play. Spring sees us welcome our Mummies for Mothering Sunday celebrations and later we share an Easter festivity with the whole family. Summer term is the turn of Daddies to be treated for Fathers Day and of course our hugely celebrated Sports Day. We also have a summer time outing. It is during the summer term that we make visits to the local primary schools and their teachers visit us, we have strong and secure links with all the schools that we feed and do all we can to make the transition to infant school as smooth as possible. Historically pupils from the Greenery have very little difficultly in settling at their next school because they have had a sound, stable and happy pre-school education and are well prepared to take the next step. 

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