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All the children at the nursery mix together, being offered a wide variety of resources and activities to support their different ages and stages of development, occasionally splitting the children into smaller groups to do short focused activities. 

School readiness; at the Greenery we help support our children to be school ready during the summer term of their last year. We do this by encouraging them to put shoes/clothes on and off independently as well as supporting their self care.  we help them with their pencil control and explore different science experiments and fun projects. Many of the local schools visit the children in our setting during the summer term. 

Daily routine

  • 9am Circle time into free play

  • 10.15am Snack time

  • 10.30AM planned activity time followed  by garden time

  • 11Am Garden time

  • 11.30Am Free play

  • 12am Home time for morning session/ lunchtime

  • 12.40 Free play

  • 1.15pm Key worker group time

  • 1.30pm garden time

  • 2.30pm free play

  • 3pm Home time

Throughout the year at The Greenery we have exciting opportunity's for you child to take part in different whole nursery activities such as Nativity, Easter bonnet parade, sports day and end of term parties.

Nursery Pets
The nursery recently got its first nursery pet, a giant African snail called Spots. The children enjoy helping to look after and feeding him. 
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